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finishing touches

I’ve been slowly working on some illustrations for the Psalms I’ve been reading. I’m not very fast as I am using some hand manipulated dyed/painted/screen-printed fabric and then including a moderate amount of handwork with some hand-dyed perle cottons. However, I had four pieces ready to present.

I decided to use stretcher bars and foamcore. First step was buying the stretcher bars–for me that meant either a mail order or a trip to Houston. I opted for the mail order as the ones I bought in Houston turned out to be the wrong size—so much for measuring and writing it down but leaving the list at home. Instead of varnishing or painting the stretcher bars, I use a piece of foam core behind the piece–I think it gives it a bit more stability. Then I gluestick the particular verse on the back—mostly so I won’t forget. There tends to be a lot of repetition in the psalms.

Some of the pieces I stitched extensions on the sides and stretched that over the bars using the handy-dandy canvas pliers (an early Christmas gift) and my Dewalt stapler (a year or so ago’s birthday present).

Here is the process. Tomorrow I’ll show you one of the pieces I decided I did not like and needed to do over.


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