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Ten days ago I had back surgery which has slowed me down a bit–since I can only sit for twenty minutes; otherwise I must be walking or lying down and I must wear this really cute brace that suggests I will break out into yodeling any minute. This was a piece I did for FastFridayFiber Challenge; not my best effort as I was a bit distracted. It is the cover for one of my sketch books, a habit I’ve acquired over the past few years. The sketchbook gets covered midway through use or at the end. I also cover my journals with some sort of artwork.

This particular challenge was to abstract something in the kitchen or sewing room. I chose my scissors. I didn’t realize how many small pieces there would be and simplified the images.

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  1. Mary Valerie Richter #

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Sylvia! Glad to see you’re still making art.

    Your Crow Barn/Shaw’s Inn breakfast bud, Mary

    November 18, 2013

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