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We spell Fun as DAY at the Beach

Both of us were up early on Friday morning and we decided to take the dogs for some time at the beach. Late September-early October is our favorite time–although actually any time during the winter months is fabulous. The beach is usually deserted and the tide can vary from rough to smooth with lots of little shorebirds. We didn’t see many birds but Toby and Dora entertained themselves by racing madly up and down the beach through the waves and water. It took both of us to keep an eye on them and try to call them back–like little boys they were having too much fun to pay any attention to us. When we noticed they were gulping down salt water–too busy to come back to the water dish we had brought for them, we corralled them, put them in the crate and came home.

We ended our day with two Cuba Gooding movies, a plateful of mussels and chicken wings–soy ones for me, and  home-made blue-cheese dipping sauce.

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