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Road Racing to Fast Friday Fiber Challenge

Once a month the Fast Friday Fiber Challenge issues a challenge and each of us in the group attempt to produce a piece. Since we have one week to make this, it makes for quick decisions rather than a lot of thought and procrastination about design issues.

I am more than a bit late in my production of this piece. It will become part of the SAQA trunk show in 2014.

Here’s the story.

For several years, my husband and sons participated in motorcycle road racing. This involved getting a bike ready, camping out at various racetracks around Texas and Oklahoma, practice runs, and then the actual race. Most of them are endurance races with a set number of laps. This ends up being a very much family event, with young children and mostly teenage boys with their father or grandfather or uncle. There is very little foul language and little alcohol consumption and everyone goes to bed early as the races start at 8 in the morning and you cannot race well with a hangover or staying up late.

While most of the men attending this are of the engineer or mechanic types, occasionally there is a girl and even more rarely a young girl. This girl was about ten and was as aggressive and passionate about the sport as any of the boys. Her outfit was pink from her helmet to her racing shirt, pants, boots, and gloves.

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