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What’s on My Design Wall

I’ve been rather slow working in my sewing room–mostly because I feel overwhelmed with the plentitude of projects and materials. It seems I flit like a bee from one project to another and never quite finishing any of them. This is not the same as Robert Genn’s advice to let your paintbrush flit like a bee from one area of the painting to another–this is more like stop putting things in piles, resorting them and putting them in another pile–all with the aim of not working on much of anything.

It may be that I am stymied by my work; thinking I should be working on X project while another one that doesn’t require much thought takes precedence.

For instance, there is no reason why I must take all the small scraps I left and assemble them into 6 inch blocks–or make more postcards–I have a basket full of them. However, this work is mindless–or minimally so–while the project of illustrating the Psalms has gotten woefully behind. One stumbling block was the discovery that my little essays were re-broadcast with another person’s artwork–naturally not as good as mine–with no acknowledgement of me as the author. It has taken some time to think through this hurt–but now I think I am back on track.

Today’s Design wall, features two of the Psalm pieces. The one on the right is being auditioned against assorted backgrounds. I have tried several but the mossy green placement seems promising–or perhaps I’ll stretch in on a canvas–the only problem is that I find stitching by hand onto the canvas very difficult.

The piece in the middle has been pieced and I am auditioning a final image across the top referencing the pavement photos I took five years ago in Cleveland Ohio.


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