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Sailboats and Antique Quilts

Several years ago we had a major plumbing disaster with water seeping through the wall of the upstairs bathroom to the wall behind the kitchen. I had a contractor come out and make a hole through the walls–not the ceiling as first suggested by the plumbers–and vetoed by the expert plumber. The pipe was repaired–it was an old lead pipe that had probably been leaking as long as we had the house–thirty years or so. Then a Mexican came and plastered the walls, retiled around the sink, plastered the hole in the kitchen–but I was left with a freshly plastered segment of the hallway and the kitchen. I had papered this myself with twenty foot drops in the hallway. The wallpaper could not be matched and I did not want to re-paper the entire hallway or kitchen.

So I had saved calendars for many years and decided to paper the kitchen with the tops of the calendars and so I have sailboats and farm tractors in the kitchen. And this summer I papered the hallway with sailboats and another part of the hallway with antique quilts. The result is unconventional but resolves the white space that drew my eye every time I walked into the house.

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