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What’s On my Design Wall

This is the start of a piece that will be titled Sunday dresses. The black and white prints/graphics are from the scraps of my mother’s Sunday dresses. She also liked dull red, brown, dull green, and her favorite was turquoise–from which she wanted to make all my dresses. I must have had some pink dresses; I think she had some light lavender blouses.

What you see is pineapple blocks from a Gyleen Fitgerald class. Her method of making pineapple blocks is very easy and once mastering her ruler, the blocks go together very quickly. I left the corner pieces un-done as I plan to piece in a medium blue–my mother had traced with a pencil around a template and cut them all out with scissors. I have a huge stack of them–both triangles and squares.

Pawprints: Toby and Dora discovered a way to get out of the backyard and play with the dog across the street. A good friend came over and helped me block up that entry/exit site. But then today I found a small dog–maybe a Chihuaha—so small he/she could easily scoot under the fence. I hate to block up all visible views of the outside world but I might have to resort to that if we continue to have visitors. Both of my dogs have been fixed so there should not be any enticement to come visiting other than to play.


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