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Camp Allen Holus Bolus Art Camp

Once a year the Holus Bolus gang meets for Art Camp–somewhere–for the past three years it has been at Camp Allen–next year it will be in the Hill Country. There are five of us and we share in the meal making and generally spend a lot of time laughing and sewing. This year we decided to make a group project for an exhibit at the Quilt Museum in LaGrange. Each of us made a panel; I will sew it onto a sleeve, photo it, and submit it–with fingers crossed.









I finished up some pineapple blocks I had started at Quilt Festival last year–it was my mother’s fabric so it was good to get it out of the way and done. We also did some ice dying using dye diluted with play sand; patience was in short supply as everyone wanted to see the final results. We left them outside all night and until mid afternoon the next day; shook off the sand and they are ready to wash at home.

I carpooled with Sherry and we stopped at El Burrito in Cleveland for lunch and then at Redd’s Grill in Moss Hill on the way back–both had a lot of local color. Redd’s was so small, the extra ingredients were stored on open shelves in the dining area. Tables and chairs were mismatched and it was primarily occupied by men who stopped by for a mid-day lunch. The special was meatballs in gravy on rice—we opted for more ladylike fare–I had a BLT with fried okra and Sherry had a cheese burger with side salad.

It was good to get home–but oh, my, the unpacking and re-arranging my sewing room.


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