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Fruit Ladies Jacket

This fabric called to me from across the room and I just had to have some–like a lot of other people but I have yet to see anything made from it. So, at a recent guild workshop, I decided to use this fabric as the basis for a jacket. The class called for a sweatshirt but in the middle of May here in Texas where summer began almost a month ago, there none to be had; so I thought I might try just a regular knit shirt. I took it apart, sleeves, front and back, slit the front, put the fruity ladies on surrounded by coordinating fabrics and added two yo-yos at the collar. I did put some interfacing along the front facing area. Now to find something to wear with it.

Photos to appear when smugmug gets home from church or done reading the Sunday paper.

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  1. linnerlu #

    Sylvia, this is adorable! A lot of work, but less than actually making the shirt from scratch. (And you are sooo right about our Texas summers, LOL!)

    June 18, 2013
    • linnerlu #

      Errg, I keep forgetting that my WordPress account only has my “user name” of Linnerlu. It’s me, Linda Teddlie Minton! (Sorry about that.)

      June 18, 2013

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