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Presenting artwork

Presentation of artwork can add or detract from the artwork. When I matted and framed artwork, I would spend a long time selecting various mats along with a frame. Usually I would end up with two mats and rarely the cheapest framing materials. The piece above was mounted on a stretched canvas covered with three pieces of fabric. One fabric–the blue white on white was dyed using ice cubes, the center tiny strip was a commercial polka dot, and the bottom fabric a patterned orange leaf.  The artwork is a stitched and needlefelted piece representing five friends sitting on the stairs of my house. Jeanelle McCall did that lovely art piece and I have had it pinned on my wall for over a year, pondering it’s best presentation. So now it is on my hallway wall along with a number of other small pieces collected from other friends and a few of my own.

Pawprints: This morning after pouring the orange juice in a glass for my daily morning medications, I left the kitchen with it looking relatively neat. When Glen walked in just a few minutes later it was to find the opened bag of potato chips on the floor next to the crate. Shame on us for offering junk food to the dogs so early in the day—of course, Toby is tall enough to reach fairly far back on the counter so maybe it wasn’t totally our fault.

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  1. Thanks for finally writing about >Presenting artwork | Sylvia Weir Art <Loved it!

    September 3, 2013

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