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Half square triangles and a few bluebonnets

Yesterday I got up around 5, made coffee, drank a large cup, ate some toast and headed for LaGrange Texas for a sew day with other Texas SAQA members. Karey Bresenham generously offered her Creativity Center in LaGrange for our use–and it is a wonderful space.

There were about twelve or so, some new faces, some people I had known from before–but all of us busily sewing and working away on our SAQA Texas Experience twelve inch squares. I thought I would do a series of four pieces of the beach with one or more of the sanderlings running along. While I had dipped my feet into the Atlantic Ocean in Maine and Virginia Beach, and the Gulf in Key West and St. Pete, the coast here is always fascinating. My favorite time to visit is in the winter with few other people, just the sanderlings and the pelicans and the waves.

I didn’t finish my pieces have started with some upholstery fabric that liked to ravel even when I wasn’t looking at it but I do have a good start on two of the pieces. I tend to construct backgrounds, then put a middle layer, then a final top layer with stitching.

There were still some wildflowers out and I took advantage of the gorgeous weekend weather to take photos–including the horse drawn rake–which seems to be twined around with Christmas tree lights–something I could only see when looking at the photos.

Photos of the weekend in no particular order are on my smug mug site here:


Pawprints: Toby and Dora had been left in the kitchen while we were both gone–Glen from about 11 in the morning until I returned about 3–not really a long time but long enough for them to attempt to empty the kitchen trashcan–filled with an egg carton, meat wrapper, and other assorted bits. Not content just to retrieve the items, they also shredded them to two inch size bits and then pulled a piece of wall paper off the wall. No-one peed on the floor though which I suppose is an improvement over past experiences.

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