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Grand-daughter baby gift

I’ve spent a couple of hours working on this project–receiving blankets made from two layers of flannel with mitered corners and fancy stitches. Pink is not exactly my color and maybe this grand-daughter will pick something else as her favorite color. It was pretty easy, the hardest part was cutting the pieces.

At long last, I planted tomatoes and peppers in my garden after doing some careful hoeing and weeding. The garden already is over-grown and needs a lot of attention. Unfortunately I cannot spend a lot of time bending over and pulling weeds–my back complains bitterly.

Pawprints: Toby is off to the dog park again, the third time today. Some of her doggie friends play tussle and others play fetch the tennis ball. The adults in the group exchange hints about the best tennis ball thrower, commentary on the dogs activities–and interestingly enough know all the dogs names but not the owners.

And yes–that is another part of a blanket on the left awaiting another trip to the fabric store for the other fabric.

My photos are in the process of being stored on smugmug. This is an arduous project for someone who has hundreds if not thousands of photos. I take multiples of the same subject although why I do so of inanimate objects is perhaps more of habit than rational. Animals and people can have such interesting expressions that I just don’t want to miss the cutest or most photogenic. Baby Blankets, though, don’t do much other than sit there. This photo is a replacement of one previously used that I deleted from my smug mug account–and the blankets looked pretty much the same in both photos.

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