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Lots of tiny circles

I’ve been working on finishing some of my art quilts that have been pieced but not quilted. The first one in this series was done in neutrals and I used a lot of pastel threads–in fact nearly all that I had to quilt tiny little circles to suggest gravel. I thought that I would quilt the second one using squiggly lines. I started but it didn’t look right–so out came the ripper and I began again with lots of tiny circles, this time using variegated YLI quilting thread. I’ve run out of thread and will have to wait until I can get some more–but I must say I’m ready to give those circles a rest.


In an effort to make my life easier—I thought–I pinned this while on the frame. It’s still back-breaking work but the back is nice and smooth. I would have quilted it on the mid-arm but I like to have drifts of color which would not have been easy to do with the mid-arm.

I think I am about one third done; I used yellow-tan/blue-purple/black-white/ and red-purple variegated threads. I’ll have to go shopping for more thread soon.

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