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looking behind and looking forward

Looking forward in light of the past
At some point last year (2012) I decided to keep a log of my activities in my sewing room–from inception of an idea to completion. It would also include basic sewing such as a new nightgown or a jacket. I did fairly well in the first few months; then none over the summer (I had back surgery–so maybe not such a surprise) and then picked up again in November with little noted in December. Keeping a log was not terribly foreign, I had always kept a notebook writing down the number of bobbins used in a particular piece–each bobbin occupying about 20 minutes of time. But that didn’t account for all the planning, the photographs, the drawings, the selection of fabrics, and then the final photography and uploading to my website.
So I decided to take another approach–listing all the projects I have completed. I was quite surprised at the number and then I listed all the UFO’s–now down to just one and a half pages–although to be fair some of those UFO’s include such things as laundry basket full of fabric to be made into clothing.
I’ve also wrote and organized a color study at my local quilt guild participated eagerly by just myself and one dear friend–wrote a book on post cards but haven’t finished with the photos, participated in an international post card exchange plus work and its accompanying necessary educational events, and an unsuccessful garden due to the lack of rain.
So, this year, I’m going to make another stab at that log keeping; and after assessing what I have to do in my sewing room, I think I can make a sizable dent again in that UFO list this year–and maybe can get it down to zero. The secret, of course, is to plan out what I want to do and set up things so that I just don’t wander into that room and have no idea where to start.

Pawprints: Toby, our Border Collie mix is now quite tall enough to consider the toilet bowl her personal watering dish. She knows my husband does something over there on the left side and she decided it must have something to do with the toilet paper. She ate about a quarter roll of toilet paper and passed a very soft papery looking stool in the breakfast room. Teaching her to flush the toilet might be the next task on the agenda but she is much more interested in seeing how high and far she can jump. She also helped herself to two potatoes in the middle of the counter.,

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