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September Rains bring October Bloomage

We’ve now endured several weeks of gloomy weather, wet feet, muddy dog paws, puddles in the driveway, and frizzy hair. We think–with fingers crossed that we’ve survived another summer without a hurricane although the season officially ends the end of November with the exception of the huge storm in 1901 that destroyed much of Galveston in the early days of December. Our rivers are filling, the dam reservoirs are rising, and my garden box is blooming. I now have a red geranium in the Mexican pots at the front door, a few zinnias, and a jasmine. The phlox has bloomed valiantly all summer through drought and sun but now is a mass of blossoms. It was the only one that consented to smile for its portrait–offered here. Perhaps the others will rethink their shyness.

Pawprints: Toby and Dora–the dynamic duo–or Wild Woman with her sidekick have now chewed through the yellow garden hose. I now have three pieces in the yard all about eight feet long. Fortunately they are quite easy to spot–a glow in the dark neon yellow.

January is the time to tidy up things–and today is the day for blog cleanup–and posting of things I had thought done but apparently were still in the draft stage.

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