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Eco-Cloth by India Flint

A month or so ago, Interweave sponsored a donation for every book purchased from their site. Having an extensive library I am more choosy about what I now buy but thought India’s book on eco-cloth–or dying with natural substances looked interesting. I thought I might spend an hour with it and then donate it as a door prize.
The book arrived with a tire mark over the package and I was reluctant to open it, thinking it was damaged beyond reading and would be consigned to the trash bin. On my way to a doctor’s appointment, I opened it up and took it with me.
Much to my disapointment the doctor’s appointment was only five minutes late which meant I had a lot of book left to peruse. The rest of the day was spent devouring that book. It was like spending a day with a fabulous artist–a look into her processes and her life. Her work is very methodical yet spontaneous and I’d love to see her entire set of sample notebooks.
It features many samples, much discussion about how natural dyeing works and although it is based on Australian foliage, there is encouragement to try local plants starting with weeds. I must admit I viewed my yard with a different perspective and am eager to try some of her suggestions.
One project I will NOT be trying is dyeing with manure!

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