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Smelly fish and a fight with the ocean

This time of year is my favorite time to visit the beach. The sun is still bright and the air a bit crisp but there are very few other people there. It is a great place to seek solitude, something which I require as a regular fix. It was also the first time we took Toby.


A drive with Toby is an upper arm exercise as I struggled to keep her in the back seat; she persisted in wanting to lick my hands and my face–not so bad now that her dog food doesn’t smell like excrement. Finally arriving at the beach, she lept out of the car with great abandoment and found to her great delight, a lovely rotting fish carcass. She carried it proudly around and made sure that neither of us got close enough to snatch away her prize.

Her next project–after finding several more equally smelly fish, was to chase some birds–who wisely flew off over the ocean much to her great dismay. But then, there was the ocean and those waves making tiny ripply noises and then crashing ones–and she dashed about trying to catch the waves, getting thoroughly sandy and wet in the process.


Our trip home, with the totally ignored frisbees, required not so much energy on my part, and she finally napped on the back seat–now resembling a small beach. The next trip will be with a pet carrier as now I must take a nap.


Photos of our morning are on smugmug here!i=2201091631&k=XQvWX5c

and if you peruse the galleries you will find another group of beach photos from previous years.

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