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world Famous Photographer spotted


Invited to an opening of a new exhibit  of a printing press at Spindletop Museum-Gladys City, I happened to see a world famous photographer–disguised in rather modern day apparel. I don’t think he was wearing the patented pants as advertised but he did enjoy pointing out the various parts of a printing press he remembered his grandfather running.

The day was a bit nippy and more than one attendee took refuge in the building exhibits; some of which could have used a good dusting–and in the case of the iron-monger’s, a transplant of the ferns growing with great abandon next to the grinding wheel.

A large selection of drill bits and assorted metal pieces along with forging tools brought to mind, my father’s workshop area on the farm.

Still, it was a fun day; made even more so by the private concert I had of the barbershop quartet practicing for the opening of the ball-game later on in the day.

a few more photos are on my smug mug site at!i=2177541335&k=sHXWNkT


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