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My credo regarding botanical items is to plant them in a spot I think they will like, say God Bless You and wait to see what happens. Occasionally I might water them in the midst of a marked drought and bringing them in during our rare freezes, but other than that, they are strictly on their own.

Several weeks ago, after some modifications to the home domicile including fencing, gates etc; a re-arrangement of the the backyard plant nursery was in order. Somehow, the back driveway between the garage and the house is a perfect spot for plants. Christmas Cactus blooms like crazy, schlefferas on death’s door take a new interest in life, and the night blooming cereus is happy enough to bloom each year–although we seem to always miss the actual flowering.

The new location is on the side of the garage, the site of the old greenhouse. I cannot easily see the plants from the back door and watering is a chore–the hose does not reach far enough. So it was a bit of a surprise to see a bit of color over then as I plumped a bag of trash into the trash can.

Well, you can see–a glorious orchid in bloom—that is now residing over my breakfast room table.

PawPrints: Toby came home from her weekend at the vet. She stays there while I am at work, a fourteen hour day too long to leave her in the house (would I have anything left that would not be shredded into bits?) or on her chain in the side yard (she has discovered how to undo the carabiner that links her to the chain). Also, it was time for spaying–puppies are cute, but I can find lots of cute puppy pictures to look at without having to clean up puppy mess. She did well with this project, the instructions from the vet were to keep her quiet—lots of luck for Wild Woman who is a bundle of energy–the assistant was laughing as she relayed this message to me. One instruction I’ll have no trouble with–no bath! (for her, not me!)

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