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the Power of We

woven Indian basket

Each year, bloggers from around the world engage in writing about a certain topic. This year’s topic is ‘we’. I thought a long time about this topic and was not quite sure how to proceed.

Sometimes simpler is better. And so here are my thoughts.

Many hands make light work.

Dare to be different.

Where is the middle ground in all of this?

None of us is so different from persons surrounding us that we are so unique. From body parts to thoughts and worries about assorted issues.

Perhaps the best approach is to carefully consider all the ramifications of a decision and act accordingly–realizing that it may not be the most popular or politically ‘correct’ view point–but trusting in that inner voice that sets our internal barometers for what is right.

The basket in this photo took many hours to construct, from gathering of the raw materials to learning the technique from skilled basket makers, to sitting down and weaving that basket together.

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  1. Marilyn #

    Everyone is unique, we’re just not “special”.

    October 20, 2012

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