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Fast Friday Fiber Challenge

several years ago, a group formed based on the same premise as Project Runway–issue a challenge with some parameters with a due date of one week. The Challenges have varied from quite rigorous art studies to useing new techniques or materials–but in general a stretch to come up with an idea and execute it within one week. The only thing missing was a budget and a trip to  a fabulous fabric store–or garden center or recycling center–etc.

this month’s challenge was to illustrate something that might happen in the make believe world of Loopiland. I thought the planet needed to be populated–and so I created the Loopy Twins–from bamboon socks with worn out toes and a knit boucle fabric in loops for hair. I am two days late in posting–but the twins were done on Thursday night.

Next month will be another challenge–and it will be challenging to complete as it will be near Festival time

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