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Swatches and Pawprints


Every knitting pattern I’ve ever read starts with ‘check your guage’ and adjust needles accordingly. So what do you do with all these little pieces? and What can you do with the tiny little left-over balls of yarn–too small and of multiple plyes?

In my grandmother’s sewing cabinet I found a small knitted pincushion–a rather simple thing consisting of rings of knitting ribbing. A pattern found by googling knitted pincushions yielded a very simply pattern–casting on twenty stitches and knitting for 24, 36, 48, and so forth; casting off and forming into a tube and then turning it back on itself.

A simple thing–but rather mindless—a good accompaniement to a good Netflix movie.

PawPrints: Toby is now five months old and still a bundle of energy at 30 plus pounds. She would love to be a lapdog, but like Marmaduke does not fit handily onto my lap. However, she approaches gardening and in particular weeding my raised beds with a great deal of enthusiasm, stifled a bit by the presence of fire ants. My beds have never been weeded so well in preparation for the winter garden. Unfortunately she is not too careful in where she puts the dirt so I will need to make a run to Home Depot for more—-our dirt here is more like liquid bricks, difficult for the plants I want to grow to sink in their roots but ideal for St. Augustine creepers.

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