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Several years ago, Karey Bresenham hosted a Quilter’s Day at the Franch in the outskirts of LaGrange Texas. At the conclusion of a wonderful day filled with getting stuck in the creek, wonderful lunch, and demos by the two artists-in-residence, we all gathered to eat supper at a Mexican restaurant in LaGrange.

Five of us sat at one end of a very long table and began a conversation revolving around made up stories and round robins and thusly our group was started. Since then we’ve made several books, a scroll, and are now working on a quilt round robin style. Our grand reveal is always at Festival where the results are met with much laughter and we end up with a huge audience laughing with us.

It wasn’t long before we all decided we wanted to meet more often–and thus the January Camp and the Summer Art Camps developed. The dates are somewhat flexible and I am the Camp Director–making arrangements for a place to be–and most of the activities. I have been happy to relinquish the cooking aspects to more abler souls as I am accustomed to cooking for teenage boys.

This summer we met again at Camp Allen in one of the cabins. The camp was careful to ask us to agree to a lot of restrictions–no driving around the camp–no problem–we would be busy sewing; use of swimming pool was limited to certain hours–what, get our hair wet? and then that would take away time for sewing.

The first page is from this summer, the following photos are from previous camps. the photo you see at the top is from our ‘what was I thinking!” The first year, we had to guess whose project it was, and then each of us ‘won’ the item in question. This year we kept our projects.

More photos are here:!i=1998216485&k=MxFD9wJ

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