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With the blocks all completed–I did the triangles one month and the corners another month; it was a relatively easy project to sew them all together. Because seams that end on the edges are difficult to manage, I put on a narrow border of green–again I had to dig through Mom’s fabrics to find something that would ‘go’ with it. The resulting quilt was huge. Each block was fifteen inches square and she had made a lot of them. I don’t know what her intentions were for that quilt or why she abandoned it. It was hard for me to work on as those are just not my colors.

I decided I would order some wide backing–and found some orangeish mottled fabric on sale at Hancocks’s of Paducah. And I had a batt from Mom’s supplies, and a new cone of beige machine quilting thread. I loaded that quilt up on my frame. It took up the entire width of the frame; normally I float the top and don’t roll it up on the rail but this time I had to roll it–it was so huge.

I’m not a fancy frame quilter, it is hard for me to think linearly and so I just do loopy-dos. It took me most of a month to quilt this monster.

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