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Why seams?

It took me two months to sew together all those set in triangles and squares. I suppose I could have gotten the entire thing together if I had just concentrated on it; but I was still recovering from my illness and I could not sit at the machine for that long. So one month for all the triangles and one month for all the squares.

Now I had all the pieces sewn. Now I had to do the hard part–and that was sewing in all those set-ins. That meant the dreaded Y seam.

Well practice makes perfect and I got a lot of practice in.

I tried to make a small movie clip which was an interesting project. I don’t think the film companies will be at my door demanding my services but it was rather fun and I might try it again sometime when I have something interesting to show. I set up my Canon on a tripod and just starting sewing and doing a bit of talking. It is in real time–I do not have film editing skills at this time. I also did still photos so you can take a look at either one.

If you’d rather watch the video, here it is:

Here is the gallery notation but you’ll have to scroll to the bottom of page two to see the entire sequence. But if you want to wait for the grand reveal, you might want to put it off for a few days

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