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Finishing up things always feels good–even better than putting a checkmark on the to-do list of daily obligations

My mother was a quilter and when she died I inherited all her fabric–very few blues and a lot of rust and turquoise, quilt tops for each of the grandchildren for me to quilt, and a few unfinished projects. This particular project was a Shadow Star, a fairly complex pattern from an old Aunt Martha’s quilt pattern booklet. She had stored it neatly in an old envelope box and that box glared at me on a weekly basis when I moved it from place to place–trying hard to ignore it.

Then the Happy Scrappers bee (scrapping both verbally and in fabric at times) had a project in which we were each to select a UFO and set goals on completing it with a checkup each month. That envelope box screamed “pick me!” And so I began.

I’ll post the different steps over the next few days.

Do not be impressed; this project took me most of a year to complete but it is now on my bed.

Step One: Sort out what you have in like piles. As you can see, the quilt is in various stages; I counted the stars but it was depressing to think of how many there were–it was a lot of them. Some of the set in squares and triangles were sewn, some were partially sewn, some by hand and some by machine. Sorting occupied the best part of one afternoon.


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