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Buddha’s Birthday and Lotus Gardens

Several years ago my beloved husband had a radical prostatectomy. The post-op course was stormy—meaning lots of complications and a prolonged recovery time. About a month afterwards, he was tired of the house, tired of movie watching, tired of the internet, tired of himself—and we both needed an outing of some sort. I happened to read that there was a lotus/bamboo garden festival around the local temple the first weekend of June.

We loaded up with cameras and some water and drove to Port Arthur—which can be a scary thing after dark—but this was late Saturday morning and broad daylight. As we neared the temple area, he noticed that it ‘looked like Viet Nam’ and it ‘smelled like Viet Nam’. He wasn’t sure as a Viet Nam veteran how he would respond to the temple area as the last Viet Nam war movie he had watched was quite traumatic for him.

The gardens though were quite tranquil with large pools of lotus in full bloom and stands of bamboo interspersed making for a pleasant stroll. Monks clad in bright orange wandered about greeting everyone and the smell of food cooking pervaded the grounds.

It was a good thing we went that year as two hurricanes have laid waste to this lovely place—the monks are slowly rebuilding but today’s adventure yielded a plate of Viet Namese food for my supper but not a lot of great photo opportunities.

A few photos from today’s adventure are here on my smug mug site:!i=1882028901&k=rLBJNJs

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