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Imagereturning home is always bittersweet–the comfort of familiar surroundings but the backlog of mail, laundry, pantry restocking, yard maintenance becomes a looming monster.

However, this time, I found a box behind the pillar on the front door stoop labeled second day air; heat dependent contents. I could not imagine who would be sending me something from the Big Island that required controlled heat environ—as we are in the beginning of our ‘spring’ that is actually more like summer.

Opening that box I foundImage

A bit of story here:

On our flight returning from Hawaii where we had a fabulous time at a conference and then with husband’s brother and wife, a call went out requesting the need for a physician. An Ob-GYN acknowledged herself and so did I. The problem turned out to be something simple—a second degree burn on a hand of one of the passengers sustained while getting coffee before boarding. How she did this is something I won’t speculate about, but she was hampered by dealing with a baby in arms. I searched through the first aid equipment bag that they had—I had always wanted to do this—and felt very glad it was a simple problem for a ER/former plant physician–and not something like a heart attack or a baby being born—although I was probably  better equipped to deal with minimal circumstances than the OB-Gyn.

Hawaian airlines sent me that lovely box of hand-dipped chocolate cookies as a thank you—and I must admit I had looked at them but decided I had no more room in my luggage for yet another item.—I already had fabric and a hand-batiked sarong.

Yes, I have enjoyed my first piece with a nice cup of hot tea while reading my Bible lesson for Tuesday night–all about Job and Daniel and Ecclesiastes—rather an odd pairing–perhaps I should have chosen another food stuff.

My thanks to Hawaian Airlines—with the exception of the lack of heat in the airplane, it was a pleasant experience–and I’m eager to return to Hawaii—and hopefully no more physician needs on the trip

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