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First and Second Day with Elin at the Crow Barn

Still no photos; it’s too late and I’m too tired to fiddle with my netbook.

Yesterday was busy, we dove right in with some thiox discharging after we all tried on our respirators. We all looked like something from a science fiction movie–Darth Vaderettes. Then we did some resist stitching and did some dyeing of cottons in MX dye.

I had some wooden picket fence pieces from a hobby store that were highly coveted and made for some really interesting effects.

Then today we did acid dyeing of silks; I tried to do a thiox discharge on my own to be sure I knew how to do it; tomorrow I”ll try to reproduce the acid dye. The smell was rather intense as people began to work with thiox and carrying the end product indoors plus washing the silks out with vinegar and so I left early. I”m going to get an early breakfast in the morning and get there before most of the rest do so I can get some dyeing done before the others get there. Now I remember why I always did most of my surface design and weaving stuff on Sunday mornings after church.

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