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Arrival at the Barn

Art Retreats are always fun but then there is the challenge of what to bring—which is even more challenging when airplane travel is figured in. I had planned to drive and to take a leisurely three days to get to Nancy Crow’s Barn in Ohio but then my youngest grandson’s baptism was on Saturday and the event started on Sunday–and somehow I missed the timing on the baptism but did arrive in time to see everyone and hold that sweet boy who now has his first tooth. My oldest grandson was not there–he was riding a bicycle –and not even two yet.

I was lucky enough to find a direct flight from Houston to Columbus but it was on a small jet so we found every bit of lumpy air there was. For a change the airplane was warm enough for  me which meant it was steaming hot for everyone else

This year Ohio had an early spring, the fruit trees are in full bloom and the grass is lushly green. There is no standing water this year and I look forward to spending some time walking about the area. My hotel room is quite spacious compared to previous year’s–but then I don’t plan to spend a lot of time in it. A fabulous breakfast is included along with coffee in the lobby outside my door each morning.

Yesterday was setup day; there isn’t much to setup for a class in dyeing but I covered my table with plastic and my dropcloth, pulled out the few tools I had—I ended up shopping at a local dollar store for some ‘tubs’–aluminum broiler pans and a plant mister and rubber bands–hair scrunchies.

Several people from last year’s class were back and so it was fun to catch up on all their doings.

No photos today but tomorrow—if I can make the internet here and my camera download! Otherwise you’ll just have to wait unjt

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