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Back Home to Texas

Getting up at four in the morning in a different time zone is challenging but somehow we managed to get to the airport with our stuffed bags. We were a bit worried about clearing the agricultural inspection with our hand-made leis—made by one of Carol’s friends of fresh flowers. But the inspectors and security guards said ‘no worries’ and checked our bags in and presented us with boarding passes through Houston.

The planes were all packed full and despite the instruction to sit back and relax during the trip—hard to do with your knees on the seat back and your elbows tucked in at all times. A group of Chinese was traveling through to Los Angeles and were so excited, they chattered away during most of the flight and had difficulty understanding their seat assignments. Several of the stewardesses spoke Chinese and sorted things out fairly quickly.

This was the first time I have ever been on a plane in which an announcement was made concerning a medical emergency and were there any doctors on board.  There was an OB/GYn and myself who admitted to being physicians. The emergency turned out to be a scalding burn from Starbucks on a frightened Asian descent girl with a baby who was flying home to meet her parents in Loma Linda. I was greatly relieved as this was something that was easy to work with—I had dreaded having to do CPR or something equally drastic. The airplane first aid kit is fairly complete, I was pleasantly surprised. Interestingly the stewardesses asked to see my license—I told her that none of us ever carried our licenses with us. Ground Control reassured her that it was okay for me to proceed. I bandaged her up—not my finest skill—but adequate for the trip.

We arrived in Houston after midnight, picked up my truck and drove home.

It is good to be home although we have stacks of mail and answering machine messages.

More photos including the leis are at:!i=1805777823&k=wzxT6Vb

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