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Cafe 100 and Wednesday Wanderings

Wednesday was rainy and dreary and we drove around several parks on the southeastern side of the island hoping to find better weather. Alas it was not to be found. We watched the waves crashing into the rocky seashore but even the die-hard surfers were not out. Lunch was at a small beach hut with a nice garden to the side. Outdoor tables are graced with square bottles—some sort of liquor bottle that I quite covet—the bottle, not the liquor—and filled with huge sprays of orchids.

We drove along the coastline and stopped at the Hilo IceCream store—a small store featuring exotic ice creams and sorbets. I had a banana macadamia fudge sundae although the dragonfruit sorbet was also tempting. There is a lovely garden behind the store and we wandered through it as we ate our ice cream. The store also rents out tent space—but I suspect it is only for the truly convicted adventurers as it was cold and rainy and everything was soaked with water. I guess I am too old as I enjoy the creature comforts of hot showers and dry bedding.

Back to the house where I read for awhile, snoozed off and on, while Glen checked his stock doings. Don went out for his afternoon paddling with the businessmen, Tuesdays and Thursdays are for the business women—all done in hopes of capturing new members in the local canoe clubs. I was quite happy to spend my afternoon in the world of make-believe.

We ate at the Café 100 which was the site of the original loco moco. It resembles a Dairy Queen with tables and benches outside. I had a miso ahi with brown rice that was quite tasty. Tomorrow we leave for home.

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