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A Kwiki at Ken’s House of Pancakes

Travel in Hawaii between the islands for the less adventuresome is always via plane. And so today we left Kauai for the big island of Hawaii to visit Glen’s brother Don and his wife Carol in Hilo. Honolulu’s airport is one of the nicest with friendly security folks who inspected my luggage with great care—and found a box cutter knife I had gone through security in several other airports. Normally this item is in my ditty bag but I had forgotten and put it in my carry-on backpack. The security guard let me dismantle it—removing the blade=–actually Glen did this as my fingers do not work for such fine activities and then we were through security in less than five minutes.

Hilo is on the eastern coast of Hawaii and therefore is subject to a lot of rain. The last time we were here, it rained everyday—creating a rather dreary atmosphere. Today it was sunny and perfect temperature and we were able to drive through various small parks along the coast. Named banyan trees line the drive and are always impressive—much like our live oaks here in Texas, the trunks are enormous.

We joined Carol who is a CPA and on the last hard leg of the income tax season for a meal at Ken’s House of Pancakes. This is a local ‘must do’ and features pancakes and loco mocos—a combination of rice, pork, and fried egg topped with gravy. A bell is rung whenever anyone consumes the gigantic version of this which is a huge platter that my mother might have served an entire meal for all six of her hungry children including five boys. That bell was rung three times while we were there.

I opted for something less ambitious—a Kwiki—pronounced just like it looks but it was a version of an egg McMuffin with the egg scrambled with bits of pork—and then I had upside down pineapple cake with ice cream—and all of us were able to claim the senior citizen discount.

Don had just bought a hybrid car and he and Glen discussed its mechanical aptitudes and advantages as we drove to their house. Their house is situated up the hill at about 2000 feet. Don enjoys working with wood and has spent a lot of time re-doing their house. The guest room is spacious and is a loft with mango wood flooring, a small bathroom with cubbyholes here and there for storage. The door has a triangular top so it would fit under the slope of the roof. The view here is quite spectacular and we were lulled to sleep with the sound of the coquis chirping.

No photo gallery for today but you may wish to look at some of the other Hawaii galleries. Tomorrow is the Keck and Suburu Telescopes.!i=1804376868&k=bQKn8Sd

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