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Spouting Horn


After class this morning we decided to see if we could figure out where we would need to be for our whale-watching tour scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Turns out we went to the wrong place but we managed to get to the right place.

We followed a road called Popipu and then through a traffic circle to Lawai Road where Kukuiula Harbor lies along with Spouting Horn. The drive is quite scenic with stretches of ti plants, bananas, and of course lots of very expensive looking houses and resorts. Beaches are crowded with people swimming, surfboarding and fishing. All the beaches here are public but access can be challenging with some people crawling through traffic markers with all their gear.

Spouting Horn is at the end of this road. Again there are lots of people lining the cyclone fence taking photos and I am a bit surprised to find spray as I am a good twenty yards away. The waves make a hollow blowing sound as they are forced through a small lava tube producing a geyser of water.

Feral Chickens roam the park and I was delighted to find a large number of chicks. We have seen them at all the other parks and crossing the roads—the roosters very colorful and frequently feel the need to announce themselves–but I had not seen any chicks.

We drove back to the traffic circle and then up to Highway 50 to get to Hanapepe, today’s farmer’s market. It consists of a half dozen or so pickup trucks or station wagons parked under large spreading trees  with assorted local produce. I talk to an older woman who says she recognizes me—but then says we all look alike to her. She has me try several fruits–a red strawberry looking thing where just the center is eaten, and a smaller greenish fruit with a black seed in the center. Then she has me try a kumquat–quite sour after all the sweet fruits. There is a strange looking fruit looking like a mishaped flat green football with huge warts—but she doesn’t think it will be ripe before we will need to leave. We buy a bag of the red hairy fruits and the small green fruits and head home.

Supper is a sampling of the fruits along with some mussel kimchee poke on locally baked wheat crackers.

I’ve included a small movie clip of the Spouting Horn so you can get a sense of the noise it made. We were about fifty yards or so away from it. A few other photos are also in this gallery. The clip is at the very end.!i=1809463414&k=ZRzfXVk



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