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Day One Arrival in Kuaui

Our trip yesterday was long; flying through several time zones is not easy. Checking our luggage was simple and easy; clearing security not too bad although my hair clips created some interest; our first flight was overbooked and we were packed in like sardines in a frigid airplane. In Los Angeles we had to transfer to another terminal which required us to go through security again, signage seemed non-existant and the plane even colder despite blankets. I had worn a jacket but I should have worn a winter coat and wooly socks.

Our room is quite nice; it was booked as a garden room but it is more like a two bedroom condo with two full sized bathrooms; a kitchen, living room, dining room, and a table and chairs on a small patio. It feels quite decadent.

The grounds are quite lush with a large koi pond, huge lagoon type swimming pool, and walkways to the beach. Parts of the beach here are quite rocky with small tidal pools. Warnings are posted about NOT swimming in the ocean and I can see why. The surf is quite high and smashes against the rocks.

Photos are on smugmug at!i=1807485805&k=C7fQ22J

Perhaps later on today I can figure out how to load photos from smugmug into blog–I’ve done it once but clearly have forgotten how to do it. I have first half of trip on netbook and last half on laptop; a different method for loading photos and blog entries on both.

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  1. glen #

    you forgot to tell about them taking your box-cutter away after making it through two security checks

    April 25, 2012
    • That was on our second leg of the trip–on our way to the Big Island.

      April 26, 2012

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