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whats on my design wall this week

A design wall is one of those things that quilt artists all seem to have. An off-shoot of a bulletin board or perhaps the kitchen refrigerator which collects children’s artwork, postcards, calendar events, circulars, and lists of must-dos’, the design wall for quilt artists is the equivalent of a painter’s easel.

The work is pinned to a wall, in progress, nearly completed, and sometimes (for me) serves as a photo background. Color analysis, design problems, and so forth are worked out better as seen from a distance. All sorts of variations of design walls exist with some available for purchase, directions for creating design walls including sliding closet doors (drool), roll-up curtains, and so forth.


My design wall is two sheets of pink insulation board I bought at a home remodeling store marked down due to the crumpled edges—that I had to cut off to fit into the area I had, plus I could not reach to the top of a ten foot board, then covered with gray felt and taped together to form a cover for fabrics stored in bins on industrial shelving.

One way I know I’m being active is what is on that design wall. Last week it would have been nada, zip, nothing, blank, except for a few stray threads here and there and perhaps a few pins. This week it is covered with a Fast Friday challenge, a sweatshirt I finished (an UFO—hurray!), and the beginnings of a donation piece for Alliance of American Quilters.


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