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Whatever was I thinking?

Last summer I re-organized my sewing room—it was a necessary thing because I had new hurricane proof windows installed in the upstairs sun-room which is now my sewing room. I had shared half of it with my husband but since all three boys have left, he has appropriated a bedroom for his computer ‘stuff’ and so I appropriated the other half of the sunroom. I love this room. It is painted a soft heathery blue from the Martha Stewart paint line and is situated so that I look out on the hundred year old crepe myrtles surrounding our house giving it a feel of being in a tree house.

I digress.

I belong to a bee called the Happy Scrappers and as customary, we discuss projects for the year in January. One project was to count the number of UFO’s and then select one from a Happy Scrapper exchange and complete it before our Christmas party. Well, I ruined a perfectly good sewing weekend—spouse was out doing something and I had the house to myself and my laundry was caught up and the dishwasher emptied and I wasn’t scheduled to work—well—anyway it took me most of that week-end to count and list my UFO’s and at the end I simply listed—box or basket of stuff—I didn’t take everything out and look at it. I ended up with three pages in a steno notebook! You can be sure I told the person at the bee that I considered her responsible for that ruined weekend.

And then I went to our local quilt guild show. I bought a kit! And I signed up for a monthly block of the month from a shop in Kansas called General’s Wives. It is done in Civil War era fabrics which are not ones I would normally choose.

In addition, I volunteered myself to do a color study series and a round robin instructions for our night guild meeting.

What was I thinking?????


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  1. You were thinking like a quilter – always wanting to do one more project.
    If you saw my list you’d feel better!
    But I DO keep the list of works in progress under 100!
    How do I do that?
    I move some to the Rework or abandon list, or the Maybe I don’t want to finish that list and I don’t have to count them.
    It’s all on Excel – with the exception of the new ones I started and haven’t had time to add!!!!!!!!!!!!

    March 19, 2012
  2. Sherry #

    What were you thinking???

    March 27, 2012

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