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Big Bend Day Two

Day Two Big Bend January 2012

On the trail of peccaries.

Bad weather was forecast for today with possible snow in the mountains. Early morning was bright and sunshiney although rather windy and so we decided to have a day of motorcycle travel for Glen and contemplation time for me.

We drove to River Road East and offloaded the motorcycle. Glen planned to ride the River Road down to Black Gap Road and meet me at Nugent Mountain. Distances are always deceiving here but it didn’t take long for me to arrive at Nugent Mountain. I was dismayed to learn that we had agreed to meet at somone’s campsite. However Cathy (from Michigan) and husband Dave who had just left to go do internet work at Rio Grande village was most inviting. We sat and chatted for about an hour over a cup of hot chocolate inside her camper.

I spent about an hour climbing the hill next to Nugent Mountain and returned with full intentions to spend an hour or so sketching but the wind came up and the temperature dropped about fifteen degrees. I got into the cab of the truck and ate my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The wind grew fiercer and then Glen appeared with a big smile on his face. He managed to get his motocycle loaded back up and chat for a bit with Cathy before the rain began.

We drove down to Rio Grande Village, met up with Dave and chatted for a bit, perused the store for essentials–mayonaise and postcards–and then drove to Boquillos Canyon. The river is very shallow here–perhaps a foot deep at most. Mexicans had left tourist souvenir items on the rocks with prices–$6 for wirewound scorpion or road runner, more for a painted walking stick. I took pictures and as the temperature continued to drop got back into the truck and we drove back to Easter Egg Vally for hot coffee and review of photos.

Tomorrow is promised to be a better day–but we were glad that some rain fell here–it has been in a eighteen month drought, the worst in recorded history.

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