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Caravaggio, Will Rogers, John Marin and Elaine Kramer

In the parking lot of Museum of Modern Art Looking at the Kimbell

An interesting combination, no?

Last week I took the time to visit Fort Worth and take in several museums. It is about 5 ½ hour drive from Beaumont but there wasn’t much traffic until Fort Worth and the go-home-from-work crowd. I stopped at Collins Street Bakery in Corsicana both coming and going for coffee—people there are clearly NOT Cajun as the coffee was about 1/3 strength and not very hot. A small indulgence was a fruitcake—yes, I am one of THOSE people who actually like fruitcake.

Fort Worth is a relatively small city but cursed with multiple confusing roads with entry on the right and exits on the left across five or six lanes of go-home traffic. I hadn’t made a reservation for a hotel and the first few I found looked like rent by the hour kind—eventually I found a Holiday Inn Express. This was one of the most pleasant places I have ever stayed; my room was upgraded to a suite; the breakfast was quite nice with a pancake making machine; a nicety was a shuttle that would take me anyplace in Fort Worth AND pick me up even after I had checked out of the hotel. The driver was interested in art and gave me a short tour of the museum district before dropping me off at the Kimbell about half an hour before the museum opened.

I didn’t get to all of the museums skipping the Museum of Natural History and Science and the Museum of Modern Art—my feet were tired and I knew I had to get back home so as to be at work the following day.

“Vortex” by Serra was near the Museum of Modern Art across the parking lot and I spent a few minutes taking some photos; then hurried back to get in line.

The Kimbell isn’t a very large museum and nearly half of it was devoted to the Caravaggio exhibit. The exhibit was packed full of people as this was the last week of the show.

More Tomorrow

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