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Grandma Duty

permanent psyche damage as Grandma reads in

Last week, my middle son called to inquire about my
availability as baby-sitter for Saturday night. He and his lovely bride wanted
to spend a night out without baby in tow. Of course, he didn’t have to twist my
arm hard for me to agree—plus he thought I should spend the night and then
leave for the baby shower for youngest son the following afternoon.

It’s been a long time since I held a baby and I admit to
being rather worried about being able to lift him. I used to lift babies and small
children on a daily basis when I worked in the ER but those days are long gone
and I am struggling to regain a portion of the strength and stamina I had.
However, I decided that if I could not lift him, there were plenty of things we
could do on the floor and if I was really desperate I could run down the street
knocking on doors.

James is not a cuddly baby but he loves to rough-house and
laughs at his Daddy’s antics. I read him a Dr. Seuss and probably harmed his
psyche forever as I read some of it in Spanish and some in English. When his
parents left, he took one look at me and started to wail. He was furious that
he had been left behind! I finally put a blanket over his head like a cover
over a bird cage and he was asleep in two minutes. He also does not waste any
time in the niceties over meals—he belongs to the ‘get-r-done’ philosophy—particularly
since there must be new adventures awaiting around the corner. He is not mobile
yet but can sit mostly unsupported. I’m not sure son and wife realize how much their
life will change when he is crawling and re-decorating their house.

getting ready for the partyYesterday was the baby shower for my youngest son and his
wife. The baby is already projected to be quite large and so they requested no
newborn sizes! She has chosen frogs as the theme for the nursery and so there
were a lot of cute frog themed little outfits. James got a lot of attention
being passed from one person to another including the prospective maternal grandparents
AND great-grandparents. Grandpa Nichols has already gotten him a motorcycle and
four wheeler.


brothers and new fathers

Some strange contests
were held including drinking beer from a baby bottle and eating baby food. There
was lots of food—including cake and cookie balls—all dipped in chocolate or
white fudge. I really wanted to eat more than one but they were incredibly

I had made a baby sleeping bag with a matching rabbit and
then put on new binding on Joey’s baby quilt and found some of his baby books—not
exactly a new present but sentimental—I think he teared up when he saw his old

I know I did. This
weekend they’re starting their birthing classes.

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