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Really big mistake

Okra flower.. Isn't it pretty? it's a relative of cotton and hollyhocks

Yesterday or maybe the day before I mentioned the ripples
and tucks in the back of one of the two quilts I quilted side by side. Well, it
turned out worse than I thought. Both pieces had huge wrinkles in the back.
Since they are both rather small pieces, I finished up what I could, took them
off the frame and home to address those tucks. I’ll finish quilting using my
home machine==my faithful 7570.

Then I also discovered I had carefully printed and sewn on
the wrong label on the back of one of my mother’s quilts for her grandchildren—mistaking
both the name of the quilt and the grand-child—so spent a few minutes unsewing

Brighter news is that my okra is finally producing—not enough
in one day for a meal even for one but over two days—plenty. I also picked
beans—I think they are supposed to be navy beans as the pods are brown and
rattle. Something is eating my tomato plants, all I have left is stems.

Tomorrow is back to work but the kitchen guys are coming
tomorrow to tear out my sink and replace it and the sink base with something
more traditional than marine plywood. It will be a mess, something I don’t
tolerated very well.

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