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There is always an additional exhibit somewhere in the
museum that was not my aim but provides food for thought. I had seen parts of
this exhibit as it was being assembled and was eager to see it as well as the

Charles Ledray must have either oodles of time on his hands
or has a large group of people working for him. The technical aspects of his
work were quite intriguing but there was nothing on the signage that I could
find that discussed this.

There were two  large
glass cubicles with multiple shelves displaying ceramic pieces all about an
inch or less in height. One cubicle had painted pots, another one had white
porcelain pots, this piece was labeled Two thousand Pots. I am not as familiar
with ceramic history but there was certainly a huge array—and I wondered how
anyone could have set the piece up without knocking them over. There was a long
glass case with dark black pots with their shadows as part of the piece.

Finally there were the hats and the Barbie Doll clothes. Arranged in a straight line about ten feet up were a series of men’s hats ranging from baseball caps to jester’s to bowlers to chauffer’s and so forth—they were small and would fit a head about the size of a grapefruit. Then there were the equally small armed forces uniforms in a size to fit three year olds; and mounds of Barbie Doll sized clothing. The intricacy and detailing of these items was incredible.

I finished up my day with a lunch at Café Express while
watching two little boys scrambling to collect coins from the bottom of the

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