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Roller Derby and Showers

Roller Derby Action

Grumbling thunder and water dripping woke me this morning (Saturday)
sometime around 4. I rescued the newspaper from the puddle on the front walk,
made coffee, had breakfast, and worked diligently all day as tonight was ROLLER

Roller Derby is an interesting sport with lots of action
(mostly falling down by players and referees). Hand signals indicate lead
jammer position, fingers up indicate points scored, and waving arms indicate
non-scoring jammer.  I couldn’t quite
figure out the penalties but it was an exciting match—made more interesting by
the person in back of me spilling her beer down the back of my shirt and
splattering my purse and two chairs in front of me. One of the referees looked
just like my accountant—who suspected she had a secret life? Another one’s
shirt read ‘El Gallo’ and the coaches all had interesting nom de plum’s.

The Spindletop Roller Girls lost out to the San Antonio Diablos
but after the game/match/bout spectators gathered around the pink tape marking
the edge of the rink and glad-handed both teams as they skated around.

Note: I’ll be posting my Fourth of July and Wisconsin photos as soon as I finish editing them and uploading them to smugmug–I took a LOT! This afternoon, though, my youngest son has promised to install my brand new convection wall oven.

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  1. I was wondering if you made it to WI for the 4th.
    Hope you made it in time for the parade1

    July 26, 2011
    • yes I made it for the Fourth—and had a great time although the gnats were pretty awful this year. I’m trying to schedule a time to go back in October—but meanwhile the next roller derby is next Saturday. one of my friends suggested I should have quickly turned around, closed my eyes and opened my mouth for the beer shower! S

      My website Weir Sew Fine Studio is at Read my blogOver the Fenceat

      July 27, 2011

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