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Jennifer’s Wedding

Yesterday Jennifer married her long-time sweetheart, BJ. She
is the daughter of my dearest friend here in Texas and I have been fortunate
enough to be adopted into their family. Sherry and JD have four children—all of
whom are delightful young adults who include me in their conversations just
like I am one of them.

The day started with a brunch at the sister of the bride’s
townhouse in the Museum district. There was much laughter as we all tried to
pin some beautiful button/fabric corsages to each other. I don’t have much
skill there as I had all boys and somehow their dates pinned those boutonnieres
on—or perhaps the mothers of the dates did.

We sat around and talked for awhile; then all of us went to
Blanco’s to decorate for the reception. Jennifer had prepared an Excel
spreadsheet outlining everyone’s duties. We all worked diligently at fluffing
up tissue paper rose-stars, hanging Christmas lights, covering tables, and so
forth. One lucky person got to cover the condom machine in the bathroom! I had
to adjust the cake toppers using a pocket knife fortunately carried by the
youngest brother of the bride.

Next was a short break while the couple said their vows in a
garden—somewhere in Houston—with their parents as witnesses. I found a
Borders bookstore and just had to stop and browse for awhile. Then some more
chatting; I met one of the Menil’s directors who is a next door neighbor and
then back to Blanco’s.

I briefly contemplated changing my clothes in my truck but
opted to stand next to the decorated condom machine to change into a skirt and
top—the first time I have worn a dress in about ten years! Food, laughter, and
dancing ensued—and I got to dance with a year old handsome young man complete
with Western belt buckle. The photographer took lots of photos, including one
of me with Sherry both wearing Groucho Marx glasses and mustaches.

Jennifer looked gorgeous in her wedding dress with my great grand-mother’s
pearls, the ones I had worn at my wedding. Her party dress was equally
beautiful. BJ looked happy and quite handsome in his vest and matching trousers.

It was a long day—but I feel honored to be part of such a
warm and welcoming family.

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