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 I’m sure everyone has been waiting with baited breath for this finale to my SAQA Denver convention saga. I’ve been busy with some home repair —replacing some plumbing which involved taking apart most of my kitchen; large holes in the wall in the stairwell, kitchen wall, and bathroom along with a large hole in the floor. Then, I had to try to find tile to match and alas–I can’t find anything that will match 100 year old tile. My sons have been busy with a massive garage cleanup and I’ll have more to say about that later. For now, here is the rest of my list for convention going–and perhaps not a bad list for any out of town meeting.

I still do not know what happens to the format when I import things from my netbook–that will need to be a lesson for another day.

for those dry climes (or lipstick if you are ‘girly’).

                Two or
three or maybe four pashminas for those cold conference rooms.

Kleenex in case the bathroom runs out of toilet paper.

                If you
are offered a bottle of water, keep the empty one to refill at intervals during
the day as the supply of glasses may be limited but there are usually pitchers
of water.

of business cards. Think about having postcards of your work as a hand-out.
Samples of your work is even better—I handed out every hand-made sewn
post-card I had made in the course of the past two years to the great delight
of each of the tables I sat at.

your elevator spiel before you arrive at the conference. This will be a
friendly audience—good for practice but prepare with a spiel you have written
out and read aloud several times.

your outfit with something that reflects you as an artist. Wear comfortable
shoes and clothing but advertise your artist

your camera or sketchbook to capture ideas s you go. I also take a small
notebook for note-taking, decorate the cover when I get home; paste in any
paper detritus I want to keep. Any ideas I get for a new series or piece of
work is documented in either the sketchbook or the notebook. Don’t forget to
take several pens—and I like to take a new sketching or drawing item with me
to play with at the airport or at the conference. This time I tried out Derwent
Inktense pencils—a fun product.

and be ready to have a good time. Leave your worries at home and drink in the
opportunities. Nearly everyone you meet will be as shy or shyer than you—so
speak up.

As always, I’ve posted my photos on smugmug at

Note the photos of the drain plugs!

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