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Day Five Packing Up

Folding chairs at Lancaster Fair Grounds

I thought I was in a good place with my piece nearly
completed and knew exactly where I wanted to go with it when I started. There
should be plenty of time for me to sit and sketch a bit after packing up
everything and putting up my work for presentation. However, then I started
sewing—and sewing—and sewing—and cutting—and winding more bobbins. I think I
used up five spools of thread and most of another one plus the pre-wound
bobbins I had used the first day.

My pieces are not finished but I’m happy with the progress
so far. There were some spectacular pieces done by some of the others in the
class—and then there were some that clearly needed more work.

Working in a class-room is always challenging. First there
is the physical set-up. Although the Barn is probably the nicest facility I’ve
ever worked in, still I like to have my machine positioned so I have room to my
right and room to my left side. The design wall was roomy enough about the size
of the one I have at home but I don’t like to face it so that my back is to the
room with the possibility of someone coming up from behind me. Then, too, there
is the coffee or water issue. I can understand why there is the rule of no food
or drink in the room but for me –and others—it is not my normal way of working.

I’ve also found that I need the breaks from my work to go
fold a load of laundry, to sort the mail, to pack my lunch, to pull a few weeds
outside so that I can come back to the work with rested eyes.

Still, it is a wonderfully intense week and I treasure the
times that I’ve been so fortunate as to come.

Too soon, it was time for final critiques and to pack up
everyone and head out. A small group went to a Chinese restaurant for a
good-bye dinner, I chose to go back to my hotel and spend a quiet evening

Tomorrow I’ll pack up my hotel room, eat a leisurely breakfast,
and head for home.

I haven’t posted photos of anyone at the workshop although I took quite a few. I also have not posted anyone’s work including mine. There was some controversy over what can and cannot be posted and shown and so I have elected to show you some of the visual pleasures that are NOT art related. Of course, I’d like to think my photos are art quality.

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  1. Kay Sorensen #

    I thoroughly enjoyed your posts about your workshop at the barn.

    May 14, 2011

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