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Day Two Anxiety Prevails

T-posts by the old red barn

I ordered a breakfast to go from the hotel so that I could
get an early start on my work for the day. I took a wrong turn on the way there
and then followed a school bus. However, the coffee was excellent and I dove
right in when I got there. A lot of other students were there as well; and I
parked behind the yellow barn hoping it was solid enough that I wouldn’t get

Ohio has had a lot of rain—the rain we desperately need.
Water stands in the ends of the corn fields and in the woods and more rain is
forecasted for most of this week. But the grass is a lush green—such a soft
grass in contrast with our tough and wiry San Augustine that can withstand lots
of water or lots of sun. The apple trees are in full bloom as are the cherries
and I see a few lilacs beginning to bloom. Cardinals and robins call to each
other as they set up housekeeping for the summer and the air smells wonderful.

I managed to get a lot of my piece together but then had to
put it aside for a new assignment. I remember doing this assignment the first
time I took class here and I have to admit I didn’t enjoy it very much the
first time or this time either. However, then we got to the assignment for
making 15 fabrics—and that is much more fun—unfortunately, I want to make the
same strip over and over again using different colors to see how they work
together. I think I could get just as much bang from doing fat quarters strips
as these selvedge to selvedge pieces. Food for thought when I get home!

Presentations were the last half of the afternoon and I was
the last one—plenty of time to get nervous but this time I had a planned
outline and just a few pieces to show. Others tried a digital presentation
which met with lots of frustration on everyone’s part—everyone used a program
on their computer that with the exception of power-point,  just didn’t work very well with the digital

Tonight was an early night, I read some from my Kindle and
then went to bed quite early—and hoped for no kidney stones as the previous

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