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Unloading an entire sewing room stuffed in my truck cab

April 24, 2011

Doctor's Door Knob at Lancaster Fair Grounds

Driving through the Smokies was filled with magnificient
vistas on either side alternating by driving through canyons of layered rock
towering above on both sides with ominous signs warning of falling rock or deer
leaping unexpectedly across the road or icy bridges. Spring receded as I drove
northward with dogwoods replacing the magnolias and the buttercups giving way
to fields of sunny dandelions.

I made good time although at one point, rain was quite heavy
necessitating slowing down to a mere 40 miles an hour in tandem with a semi-truck
spraying water over my windscreen. I
checked in at Shaws Inn, a lovely old fashioned hotel in Lancaster and made my
way to the Barn. The fields have standing water in many places and I felt quite
envious as we need rain so badly, our governor asked us all to pray for rain.
But the apple trees are in full bloom as are many other fruiting trees and the
air smells quite delightful.

It is always good to see old friends; Connie and Vickie
greeted me, my work area is near theirs; John carried my sewing machine in
along with my two baskets of fabrics that I haven’t even touched since the last
workshop here. It will be interesting to see how productive I will be in this
spot; I can see outside and I can work from a protected area—I must feel

Supper was all abuzz; we had a lovely supper and then
introduced ourselves amongst much laughter as we each had to tell an
interesting little known fact about ourselves. Most of the students are still
working or have just retired; many are in IT or are project managers. All of us
are a bit nervous as we are not quite sure what tomorrow will bring or whether
we will be able to keep up or did we bring the wrong fabric or will our work be
so bad, we’ll hear the northern equivalent of ‘bless you heart’.

But for now it’s time for bed.

PS–My apologies for the weird wrapping of text. I wrote these on a netbook and transferred them to my regular lap top. I’m not clever enough to figure out how to change it to just regular text–sorry!

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