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Over the hills and through the Woods to the Barn

*I’ve been back home for a week now; I’ll post updates of each day sequentially over the next few week.

mural somewhere in Ohio

We left mid morning Friday after a bit of running about with
last minute this-n-that. My truck was packed with a sewing machine, two huge
baskets of fabric, a cooler with our lunch, my camera plus my overnight case. I
was able to stuff it all inside the cab, remembering the previous year driving
through the great Nashville flood with fabric in the bed—necessitating an
evening at the local wash-a-teria washing and drying fabric. Glen’s truck was
filled with a motorcycle, electric bicycle, construction tools, two cameras,
and his clothes for six weeks—his plan was to spend a couple weeks with his
mother in Virginia and then drive to Wisconsin for the beginning of the summer.

Our first stop was in the Atchafalaya Basin rest stop for a
lunch. We ate roast beef sandwiches with
pickles, celery, and olives in the rocking chairs on the big wide
southern style porch washed down with a nice cup of Community Coffee. Magnolias
were in full bloom and buttercups waved in the breeze.

Our first night was spent in a Drury Inn in Meridian, one of
Glen’s favorite hotels. About two hours after a filling breakfast, Glen left
for Atlanta while I continued north towards Huntsville. A huge rocket was
positioned by the side of the interstate then east on 40 to the Appalachian
Mountain foothills. Dogwoods were in full bloom, trees were just budding out,
and there were drooping flowers of splotches of drooping purple bell flowers
and white flowers. As I drove I could see spring receding and evidence of a lot
of rain—rain that we want in Texas.  I
stopped for the night just outside Knoxville. Tomorrow’s drive should be an
easy drive.

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