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Home from Ohio

don't you love that cranberry red roof?

Rain drumming against the windows of my hotel room somewhere in Mississippi woke me. Saturday had been a long drive and I was grateful to have a place to sleep—in the luxurious ‘suite’ offered by Super 8 —a Jacuzzi occupied the corner of the room usually reserved for a second bed. Breakfast was a frozen bagel toasted in a toaster that had seen better days and watery orange juice. No matter, on Sunday night I’d be in my own bed with my own ‘call my name’ coffee, functional toaster, and home-made biscuits for breakfast.

That hour time difference between Eastern and Central is probably the most difficult change for me. After unloading the cab of my truck—stuffed to the gills with two laundry baskets of fabric; two new incomplete projects, luggage, a defunct sewing machine—traveling studio, an empty cooler at the bottom of everything plus my usual maps, extra sweatshirts, gloves, insect spray and sun-screen, shoes, bird-book and wild-flower book, star chart, bungees, and so forth, it was nearly 8 pm Eastern time—and time for bed!

A week at the Barn with Nancy Crow is always so intense. Catching up on the home-front while wanting to continue the impetus is frustrating—but mail must be sorted, laundry done, the house re-sorted with things put away, and the new projects assigned a place in the take-off order in my sewing room.

Starting on Saturday, I’ll post my adventures but it will be a week after the fact—the class this week will have ended and a new class beginning on Monday.

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  1. Kay Sorensen #

    Looking forward to Saturday’s post.
    Always enjoy hearing about both classes at the BARN and your adventures.

    May 5, 2011

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